What is the Aquaponic Kitchen?

We are a backyard urban farm that is making a giant leap towards commercial farming, our method of growing is called aquaponics which is a style of hydroponics that use aquaculture in order to create natural nutrients rather than synthetic nutrients to feed our plants.

The benefits of this include:

Chemical free gardening -

because we grow fish in order to produce nutrients, we can't use harmful chemicals, this means our pest control is natural, we encourage predatorial insects to our garden to control pests such as aphids, caterpillars etc... at the same time our plants get the full range of nutrients they need, this means their desease resistance is very high.

Flavour and nutrition

As mentioned before our plants receive the full range of nutrients they need, this means you recieve the full range of flavour and nutrition you need, ever had a tasteless pumpkin? Many farmers are looking for the cheapest fertiliser they can get their hands on, most of these are higher in one nutrient counteracting other nutrients affecting the natural flavours that pumpkin should be producing, we don't buy fertilisers, we buy fish, on colder months we buy trout, on warmer months we swap the trout for Barramundi or Jade Perch, mother nature takes their liquid waste (Ammonia) to create the best fertiliser on the planet and better still, we use worms to process the solid waste from the fish to supplement that fertiliser obtaining the best possible and natural results with our crops.

Small Carbon Footprint

By the end of 2022, the Aquaponic Kitchen will have 16,646 total spots possible even more, each of these spots will contain either 10 Coriander plants, 10 Basil Plants, 1 each for Parsley, 10 Dill etc.... that is 16 and a half thousand crops sitting in a backyard, this system is run by a series of pumps and airfilters and in it's first year of sales will be able to produce over $20,000 of fresh chemical free crops per week. This will also be able to run off 1 10 amp power point making it a very efficient system to grow.

This is a very efficient system that will be able to support up to 55 restaurants supplying them with fresh herbs and this is only stage 1 and the purpose of this stage is to move this system our of an urban backyard and into a commercial greenhouse, when this happens we will be able to expand our range and our ability to provide for more businesses.

our endgame with the Aquaponic Kitchen is to turn this into an education platform, we are already partnering with schools helping to educate on both the importance and benefits of growing with aquaponics and therefore growth with the Aquaponic Kitchen is essential.